This page will lead you to an archive of my writing, from the days when I was an active music critic. 

But we're still constructing that. For now, a few possibilities:

You can scroll the home page from my old website, and find links to many things I've written in the past. 

And here are links to reviews I published in the '80s, in the Wall Street Journal.

Below you can read some of the columns I wrote in the Village Voice in the 1980s, when I covered the new music scene in downtown New York. And then branched out to talk about larger issues in classical music. 

Cage Speaks Faster When the Street Gets Noisy

The Cage Style

Feldman Draws Blood [about the first of Morton Feldman's very long string quartets]

The Struggle for Form  [about Meredith Monk]

Beethoven Howls [a revisionist look at Beethoven]

A Fine Madness  [about Milton Babbitt]

The Secret of the Silver Ticket [about hidden assumptions, lying behind the mainstream classical music world]


More is coming! 


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