"Signing up for Greg Sandow's branding workshop was a no-brainer for me. The experience itself exceeded even my highest expectations. Greg has a special ability to address critical issues in a tangible way that affect all musicians and artists. Musicians of all ackgrounds can benefit a great deal from these workshops, and the no-nonsense way that Greg approaches the future of classical music. This was an exceptional experience."

~Haley Rempel, Flutist & Artistic Director, Aurelia Productions, Canada

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Why branding?

If you want an audience -- or support for anything you do -- the world needs to know who you are. In these workshops, I teach branding from the heart. You'll learn to define who you are and what you do, what sets you apart. And then you'll find words and images that can bring you alive for the people you most want to reach.


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How it works

Six people meet online for three online sessions:

Introduction to branding. We look at examples of it, and discuss why they're successful (or why they aren't). Go here to see what we look at, and what I ask you to think about.

What should your brand be? You describe how you'd like to present yourself to the world. Then you critique the branding you have right now -- your website, or anything else you've created, anything that describes you. Are you describing yourself the way you'd like to be described?

Making your brand real. You find words and images that point toward the branding you might want to use, branding that shows the world who you are. 

Each session last 90 minutes. We use MeetingBurner, which lets us join in an audio conference call (using Skype or our phones). On your computer you watch me on video, and look at presentations and graphics I share.

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What you learn

Start with what my students learned, when I taught branding this way in my Juilliard course on the future of classical music. The students went deep into themselves (as you can read on my blog), and what they found showed them ways to do their branding. One student branded herself with her childhood in the Canadian wilderness -- the quiet, the solitude, both of which (as she herself said) shape her playing.

In one workshop for professionals, a participant, whose website was dull, emerged  -- in the branding he now wants to do -- as a vibrant storyteller. Another, whose branding was quiet, began to evoke the passion and drama she herself said was in her. In another workshop, the participants bonded so strongly with me and with each other that the first words from any of them, after I said the last session had finished, were: "When is the reunion?"

"Finished up @gsandow's branding class this week feeling so energized and inspired to launch my new website!" (Catherine Shefski, pianist and teacher)

"Greg is a natural and experienced leader."  (Deborah Mason, composer and visual artist)

"Thank you for making this seem possible, important, and even necessary that we do this, because we each have so much to offer."  (Amy Cheifetz, soprano and teacher)

"I find that I'm thinking about my own marketing in a comprehensive way that I was unaware of before." (Bruce Kiesling, composer, conductor, and teacher)

"Thanks a lot for the wonderful experience of participating in this workshop. I am honoured to have been in the company of yourself [and the other participants], and to have had the benefit of your wonderful ideas and comments on my work. All your input kickstarted a lot of new ideas and initiatives and made me think in a totally new and different way about what we're doing and how it should be presented to our 'tribe(s)'. I'm very excited at the possibilities of rebranding our concert series and other marketing and recruitment efforts for maximum effect." (Jaco van der Merwe, School of Music & Conservatory, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa)

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$200 for all three sessions, payable in advance by check, PayPal, or credit card. A bargain, I think. Sign up now. I'll be teaching these workshops, as demand warrants, in June and July, and then starting again in September. I can make special arrangements for people -- musicians in an ensemble, staff members at classical music institutions -- who want to work on branding as a group. Contact me to learn more.


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