I can help you find your way to classical music's future. Or help you grow the work you already do. 

I've worked with soloists, ensembles, and composers, with a conservatory and with performing institutions. My consulting practice is built from a concern for who you are, for your unique goals, and your unique way of reaching them.  

What I do:

I can help you focus on the goals that matter most to you. And help you develop a strategic plan to reach those goals. What do you want to do that you haven’t yet done?

I can help you focus what you say about yourself, with branding, websites, social media, publicity, and marketing. Have you told the world who you truly are? 

I can help you thrive in the new classical music environment. Can you grow your audience? Can you expand it to people outside classical music? 

For music departments and conservatories:

I can help you change your curriculum, adapting to the present world, while weighing carefully the costs and benefits of change. 

I can help you with sustainability, leveraging everything you do  — and finding new initiatives — so you show your value in a changing world.

For performing institutions:

I can help you plan for growth. So you draw a bigger audience, and get more community support, and funding. These three things are separate enterprises, though of course related. I can help you focus on each one of them, while bringing them together in a larger strategic plan.

For soloists, composers, and ensembles: 

I can help you reach a higher level, so you get better bookings or commissions. 

I can help you build an audience — your fan base! — that's truly your own, people who’ll come to your performances, buy your recordings and your merchandise, and help you in many other ways. 

To find out more, and ask about my fees…

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